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A ‘Multi-head Split System’, or multi-split, is where there’s more than one indoor unit attached to a single outdoor unit.

The beauty of a multi-split system is that you can use it to heat or cool different areas of the house independently – or even maintain an even temperature in one large area by using two units. Such systems operate in either heating or cooling at one time.

The make and model of multi-head that you choose will depend on how many rooms you need to heat or cool. You can have up to 9 indoor units for each outdoor unit.

For a tailored multi-split solution designed to suit your home contact us today. We provide air-conditioning solutions to all of Melbourne’s South East suburbs.

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How Do Multi-Head Split Systems Work?

Multi-Head Split Systems use the same technology as normal Split Systems. They work by having half the system (called a condenser) outside the home, and the other half (called the fan coil, or internal unit) inside the home.

Traditional Split Systems have a matching outdoor unit for every indoor unit; given that every home has multiple rooms, having an outdoor unit for every indoor unit would take up a lot of space and power consumption – that’s where a Multi-Head system comes in.

With a Multi-Head system, you can have 2 or more indoor units connected to 1 outdoor saving you valuable space, and future servicing costs.

When cooling, the warm air from inside the room is taken in by the fan coil and removed, resulting in cool air recirculating back into the house. While reverse cycle allows for the heat pump to run in reverse to provide heating during cold days.

When using a Multi-Head Split System, you’re not limited to just Wall Mounted indoor units, in fact, you can choose from a whole range of different indoor units including Bulkheads, Ceiling Cassettes, Slimline Consoles or Floor Standing units.


Multi-Head Split System Advantages

Smart Technology

The latest Inverter technology is your key to more comfort as it maintains a constant temperature, saves costs (through less energy consumption) and produces relatively less noise when used.

More Economical

Multi-head units only require 1 outdoor unit which saves on running costs and servicing time and labour. There's also no loss of air conditioning via wastage in duct space.

Design Flexibility

You're not limited to just Wall Mounted indoor units, in fact you can choose from a whole range of different indoor units including Bulkhead, Ceiling Cassette, Consoles and Floor Standing units.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Multi-Head Split Systems can only be sold and installed by qualified air conditioning companies, it’s not even something that the big retail stores can sell and install.

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